hi its me, meesh

I’ve spent my life living somewhere between a city and an ocean. I want to show everyone how much I love them both.

I’ve thought and dreamed about starting a blog for years now. It might be the impulsive urge I have to share every thought that pops into my head with anyone who will listen…? Or maybe just the curiosity if I have anything interesting to say (ha).

Either way, life’s been busy – college will do that – but here I am, entering the real world as a post-grad and wondering how it’s taken me this long to give this a shot.

I can’t promise that what I say will always make sense, or that my advice on where to get the best veggie burger will always be right… but hey, I’m going to try! I’ll give my thoughts on fashion, food, booze, beauty, relationships, and anything else that might come flying from my fingertips.

So it’s me, Meesh (as my friends call me) – raw and slightly edited with the right VSCO filter.

Oh but don’t worry, I do know a good veggie burger when I see one.

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