new year, new you?

January 1st welcomes us with the inevitable flood of social media posts declaring New Year’s resolutions.

I did a little research into this year’s top resolutions. They were as you would expect: go to the gym, spend less money, organize your space, be more spiritual, travel, etc.

….Unfortunately, we all know how long our resolutions actually last. You might stick to it for a few weeks – maybe even a couple months! But sooner or later, the pile of clothes in your closet is taking a human-like form and all you can think about is a large pizza with extra cheese.

I got to thinking… why do New Year’s resolutions always seem to fail?

Copy of 2017.png

Maybe it’s the timing? The pressure to reinvent yourself when the clock strikes midnight feels intensified by the casual “So what’s your resolution this year?”  that seems to echo through every NYE party.

Maybe we’re setting the wrong goals? We think we need to travel more and see the world, when maybe in reality the fund$ are saying we need to save and pay off that pesky credit card.

A resolution is essentially a goal you set for yourself, right? Somewhere down the line, someone told me that goals should always be specific and achievable….

BUT! New Year’s resolutions are usually really freakin’ vague! 

Lose weight – how?? Travel – where?? Be spiritual – buy a buddha statue from Pier One???? 

So I wanted to take 2017’s top resolutions and give them some specific goals – because we all deserve to live healthy and travel the world.


Let’s start with the most popular, and maybe the toughest. Being more healthy encompasses many things: exercising, food, lifestyle choices, mental/emotional health – the list goes on.

Choose 1-2 to focus on, it’ll make the task way less intimdating. Then make a tangible plan on how you’re going to work on it.

Eat better: Try making a bomb-ass, healthy grocery list. The internet makes things reeeeeealllly easy by providing pre-made grocery lists, like the one below!


Exercise: Join a gym/studio that offers classes! This is great if you’re just starting out (or maybe a little rusty) and the gym overwhelms you. Plus, being around other people in a class can motivate you to work harder! BONUS – you will most likely make some new friends, *yay new friends!*

If you’re in the Seacoast, NH area, check out CycleFierce – it’s an AMAZING spin studio that offers single rides, packages, and student discounts! Also in the neighborhood is Fuel. This studio has an awesome variety of different classes that are perfect for anyone.


If you know me, you know I love to organize. A tidy living space gives me the chills (don’t judge, everyone has their thing).

Organize your space – and add some decor – with a storage unit from Bed Bath & Beyond. You can make it completely your own by choosing the finish, adding storage drawers, knick knacks, and photos!


via Effortless Style

Need to organize your life? PLANNERS BABY. I only started using a planner last year, and now I’m not sure if I could function without it.

VSCO Cam-1-5.jpg

You can find planners everywhere now. I found my current planner *above* at HomeGoods, but my go-to spot is Gus and Ruby. Their shop in downtown Portsmouth has the MOST beautiful planners, wall calendars, stationary, cards, and decor.


Research. Research. Research. My absolute favorite travel blog, Adventurous Kate, is a great resource for travel plans – she’s been literally almost anywhere you can think of!

Once you figure out some logistics, make a spreadsheet. Budget out your flight, food, hotel, special events, and other expenses. Again, the magical internet can help here. wikiHow has a step-by-step guide on making a vacation spreadsheet.

When you have the grand total, estimate how long it would take for you to save up the money needed for the trip! Make another spreadsheet if you need to – keeping track of how much you’re putting away each week towards your vacation.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

If you want to travel, but don’t have the fund$, plan a weekend away somewhere closer to home! New England has so many cities waiting to be explored: Boston, Portsmouth, Providence, Portland. You don’t have to go far to get away!

So what’s your new years resolution? Will you be more specific when choosing this year’s goal? 

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