kehlani: sassy & soulful

Album: You Should Be Here
Artist: Kehlani 

Many of you might recognize Kehlani’s voice from her track, Gangsta, from the Suicide Squad movie. While that song serves it’s purpose as Harley Quinn’s (delusional) theme song, it barely scratches the surface of Kehlani’s sound.

You Should Be Here can be summed up in two words: GIRL. POWER. Her lyrics remind me that I’m an independent bad-ass b*tch, and I don’t need no man to love myself. It isn’t unusal to find me belting over her voice, waving my hands like I’m letting someone know what’s up.


Voice wise, Kehlani’s is beautiful: soft, kinda raspy, and full of emotion. She sings with a passion you can feel – and you can tell she’s experienced everything in her music.

The mixtape’s considered to be in the R&B/hip-hop genre (it was nominated for a Grammy for Best Urban Contemporary Album in 2015), but it’s easy to see where she brings in a little blues and soul influence, like in the song “Bright.”


Favorite song: “Alive” – It’s upbeat, bubbly, and will let you know that there’s hope after a heartbreak.


Cause I know every man has a fear of a strong-minded woman
But I say she’s a keeper if she got it on her own and keeps it runnin’

-from “Runnin’ (Interlude)”



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