UNH loves to caffeinate

College = a caffeine addiction.

As the work got harder and the green tea wasn’t cutting it anymore my sophomore year, my coffee craving was born. 

Durham understands the demand for caffination by UNH students – and supplies accordingly.

Breaking New Grounds

Coffee-wise, my favorite on campus. The coffee is strong and always tastes fresh. Their flavored coffee is brewed in the beans (as opposed to flavor shots), and there’s always a cool vibe. It’s a great spot for posting up with a book or doing your homework. A friend of mine practically lives here – I’m not kidding when I say I see her 99% of the time I stop in!

They also have really tasty treats – like bagels, muffins, scones, the best fluffy croissants, and yummy dessert bars. My favorite? Definitely try the vegan flax seed bars for a filling snack before class.
VSCO Cam-1-2.jpg

Aroma Joe’s

I respect coffee drinkers of all kinds, but we all have a friend who orders their iced french vanilla extra extra. Aroma Joe’s is perfect if you’re looking for a sweet kick to your coffee.

Aroma’s has TONS of flavor combos. While some of the classics (french vanilla, hazelnut) seem to be bean brewed, the rest are the work of flavor shots – but hey, I’m not complaining about my Mint Chocolate coffee.

For any fans of Red Bull, most of these coffee shops have flavor shot options (aka a can of Red Bull with your choice of fruity flavoring) but I feel like Aroma’s is the go to for this popular option!

Higher Grounds

Everyone’s favorite ill-tempered coffee cart man. If you can get past the owner’s sometimes comicial, but usually abrasive demeanor, this little trolley behind Demeritt Hall is great for their speciality lattes. Try the Milky Way!

Starbucks/Dunkin Donuts


The classics. I haven’t visited the Dunkin on campus much (probably because the Rhody girl in me is oversaturated with DD), but the Starbucks on campus is usually good!

Coffee Station (aka The Shack)

Now we must move off campus to the dueling coffee sheds. First up: The Shack. I first heard of the shack when I joined my sorority, and it was held in an almost godlike gift to the coffee world.

And after my first trip, I understood the hype. I was first shocked that (a) the line of cars was so long and (b) the place was an actual shed in the middle of a parking lot. Big things come in small packages!

The Shack has a rotating menu of seasonal flavors to accompany the classics, and you can find some really fun flavors. Rasberry Coconut Cupcake was my SH*T for awhile when it was around.

Coffee Craving

VSCO Cam-1-1.jpg
Our second contender for top coffee shack has on significant advantage: fresh, warm donuts. *Drools.* Coffee Craving came about the last year or so, but has gained a sizable following from both UNH students and locals.

Word on the street is CC was started by an ex-Shack worker (ou), and it is clear to see the similarities in their seasonal flavor options. However! This spot definitely capitalized on more food options – offering tasty homemade scones, muffins, and bars. Oh, and like I said, fresh. warm. cinnamon. donuts. 

Where’s your favorite spot to get your caffeine fix? 




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