a green smoothie that doesn’t taste like grass

Recently, I started a job at this high-end fitness studio, Mission Portsmouth. The place is freakin’ incredible. They offer cycle, yoga, strength, and barre classes, have a full service amentities, and an in-house smoothie bar.

Just look at this bomb acai bowl I made!!

VSCO Cam-1.jpg

The smoothies are super popular for clients to grab post-workout. There’s a ton of different combos-from coffee to beets to peanut butter.

So as I’ve been working the smoothie bar, I’ve gotten some ideas for killer smoothie combos (a.k.a. I’m tweaking their recipes).

I wanted to share my take on a favorite smoothie! The ingredients don’t need to necessarily measured out, just a handful of frozen/dry stuff and enough coconut water for it all to blend!

VSCO Cam-2.jpg

Green Queen
Frozen pineapple
Mint leaves (only a few!)
Greek yogurt
Dry oats
Chia seeds
Coconut water

It’s healthy as hell, but doesn’t taste like a weird green juice! And for your post-workout, add a scoop of vanilla protein powder !


Also, if you live in the Seacoast, definitely check out Mission.The classes are insane, the place is beautiful, everyone is friendly and inviting, and they offer lots of different class packs and memberships that can fit anyone’s schedule.

Stay healthy my friends!!


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