my do’s and dont’s of spring break

After a week leaving parts of my soul and dignity scattered around the Bahamas, I definitely feel like a spring break expert. Okay maybe that’s a little stretch, considering I haven’t felt fully recovered and normal until today (I came back Wednesday).

ANYWAY here’s my tips to spring break – because everyone should leave an island exhausted, sore, and questioning their morals.

DO go on spring break

This trip was the best five days of my LIFE. I know spring break is ex$pensive, but I swear to God it’s worth every damn penny. Look for special deals and packages! My roommates and I booked our trip last spring, and got a $300 party pass free (what let us get free drinks the whole time, aka it was a necessity).

Use the trip as a grad present from your parents, or a early/late bday gift. If you plan accordingly, spring break is definitely within your reach.


DON’T go somewhere cold

I know all my skii-loving friends will disagree with me here, but seriously… 80 degrees or 8 degrees??? You decide. A few of my friends did head west to the mountains this week, and they probably had fun…. But do the whole sick mountain skin chalet thing for your winter break, and fly south in the spring.

DO plan an all-inclusive trip

For the extra money that I might’ve saved by planning this trip on my own, having the whole thing planned and ready for me was absolutely worth the $$$. Food was ready for us, drinks kept flowing, and all our days and nights were pretty much planned so that we just had to show up and get in the taxi!

We booked through StudentCity, which has a ton of different packages for students to a bunch of sick spring break locations.


DON’T drink yourself into oblivion in the first days

It’s a marathon, ladies and gentlemen, not a sprint. You will regret that extra “blue drank” from the night before when you are unable to get out of bed on day 3. I’m not saying be a Sober Sally, but know your limits so that you don’t miss any of the week’s festivities.

DO any extra activities

BEST PART OF THE TRIP!! Some of it was included-like snorkeling off the party island-while others cost a little extra-like the boat cruise and banana boat ride. Nevertheless, the extra stuff made the trip really special, and was definitely the biggest highlights of the trip. I think the banana boat was the point where I lost my voice, ha.


DON’T forget sunscreen/water/food

Much like not drinking yourself into a coma, keeping your body up and running in general needs to happen. Apply sunscreen and keep yourself hydrated and fed! You might need to step away from the party, or take a break you’re not ready for (I force fed myself french fries a few times) – but I promise it’s necessary!

DO emerge yourself with the locals

Being on a resort can mean that your a bit secluded from the rest of your SB location. While getting off the resort can mean your mother’s voice in your head saying, Don’t get kidnapped like that girl from the Lifetime movie, try to do something that lets you actually see the beautiful place your staying. For me, it was simple as getting my hair braided by a woman on the beach (lol, see below..).


DON’T forget to take a ton of photos

Although my camera roll photo increased by 300+ after this trip, I still could’ve taken more. I was nervous to bring my phone around with the water, the sand, the drinking, etc. But in reality, I was super responsible with my phone thanks to a Lifeproof case and fanny pack I toted around.

My only regret is not having any more shots of the different locations we were, or solo shots of myself! Oh well, I was too busy having fun to take the perfect selfie (life could be harder, ha).

DO have the absolute time of your life

I said it before and I’ll say it again, this trip was the best experience I’ve ever had. I’ve never been somewhere so beautiful, with so many friends, and had such a blast. I couldn’t stop smiling and saying how everything was “unreal”.

Even though I physically couldn’t walk by the end because I was so exhausted, I’d go back and do that trip again and again if I was given the chance.


Party on, friends!!!


POST EDIT: check my spring break video edit here!!

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