summer ’17 essentials: part 3

A solid summer playlist is crucial to any long drive or lazy day lying on the beach : )


American Teen x Khalid
Khalid has only recently came across my music radar with “Location.” Usually if I find an artist I like, the song that grabbed my interest usually will be the one I end up skipping over the most (overplayed), but I can jam out to Location anytime.


I would describe Khalid’s sound as R&B with a little bit of a pop twist, not to mention the man’s voice is like butter.

Let’s Go is more than likely going to be my favorite song of the whole summer.

Cntrl x SZA
Like Khalid’s “Location” drawing me into him and the rest of the album, the same can be said about SZA’s song, “Love Galore,” which features Travis Scott (who I have a giant crush on despite his recent affiliation with Kylie Jenner).

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 3.44.58 PM.png

THIS ALBUM IS A MUST FOR MY FELLOW RECENT GRADS. Each track will remind you to love yourself, flaws and all, and that not knowing what you’re doing with your life is perfectly fine.

If you don’t listen to anything else, listen to one of my favorites, Broken Clocks.

Lust for Life x Lana Del Rey 
Soft and sultry as usual, the July 1st release for this album could not come soon enough. So far, Lana has only released the title track “Lust for Life” featuring The Weeknd… a collaboration I’ve been waiting for my entire life.


Lana keeps teasing the album on her Instagram, which is killing me, but! I’ll wait patiently for the full release : )

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Part 1: to stay pretty
Part 2: to wear


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