making an hour commute not so terrible: podcasts

Life update! The new job‘s going great. I love the role, the people, etc. etc. It’s dynamic and interesting AND I’m essentially responsible for being friends with everyone (yay people)!

Only downside, though? The hour long commute.

After accepting the job, my mind switched  from job search mode to apartment search mode. Then my dad, god bless him, made a great point. One day, as I was buried in my laptop, rattling off the pros and cons this one apartment complex with 3 tennis courts (excessive), he tentatively said, Michelle, what about commuting from home for a little bit, saving some money, settling into the job, and THEN moving?  *click*

SOOOooOO I’ve been commuting from home the past few weeks, and it’s about an hour minimum. 

I’m not going to say I enjoy the long ride (I leave even earlier to avoid traffic), but its not the worst… mostly because I’ve discovered a love for podcasts.

Podcasts aren’t just weird hipster talk shows

Now, I’m no podcast expert by any means. From what I understand, podcasts can be about anything. News? Stories? I don’t know if there’s a certain criteria… but it seems like if you can think it, there’s a podcast out there about it.

Before I had 2 hours to kill in a car 5 days a week, I only dabbled in one podcast, Monocycle by Manrepeller . Leandra Medine, the creator of the incredible website/empire that is, narrates each podcast to a topic or theme, and its soooo so good. Even if you don’t listen to Monocycle, at least go check out Manrepeller’s website!! Their writers are some of my favorite.

Anyway, I remember a friend telling me about a true crime podcast called Serial. So once I tore through the remaining episodes of Monocycle I hadn’t listened to, I carefully searched-while-driving “Serial” and started listening.



I have now listened to both Season 1 and Season 2, and I’m even almost done with it’s spinoff series “S-Town.” Each season of Serial has about 12 episodes, and they range anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour long. Told ya I drive a lot, but I think I’d still be listening to this stuff even if I didn’t drive so much, because it’s sooo compelling.

Season 1 is definitely my favorite, and the more popular of the two. I don’t want to give anything away, so I’ll try to keep my synopsis short.

Season 1… a wrongful conviction?

For my fellow fans of the Netflix series Making a Murderer, Season 1 is a similar story. And if you haven’t watched Making a Murderergo do that right now.

Sarah Koenig, our narrator/creator/writer/producer/etc, presents the sordid details of a 1999 murder of Baltimore high school student Hay Min Lee. Hay’s boyfriend, Adnon Syed, was convicted of the crime… but the evidence is… how can I say it… real f*ckin sketchy. Oh, and Adnon has always maintained his innocence, even after 15 years in prison.


There’s an alibi that was never investigated, a confession from someone who claims they buried Hay, questionable cell phone call logs… the list goes on. There’s so many twist and turns, and a lot of that is due to that fact that Koenig was recording the episodes week by week. So, in between recordings, people who caught wind of the podcast were coming forward and offering even more information.

The best part of the series

Of both seasons actually… is that I was constantly questioning if I believed Adnon. One episode I’m thinking, Holy crap this guy has been sitting in jail for something he didn’t do!!!!! But no sooner that I’m ready to sign the “Free Adnon” petition (it exists), the next episode something happens that makes me think this dude is just an A1 scammer!

If I haven’t caught your interest yet, just go listen to the first episode. I use the “Podcasts” app on my iPhone to listen. If you can’t find the app, its probably because (like me) you shoved it in some grouped folder of the random apps that come pre-downloaded on your phone when you get it (wtf is Wallet?).

Also, if you start it PLEASE message me during/after you finish so we can discuss. None of my friends have heard it and I’m DYING to talk to someone about it!!!



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