back to the 603!!

After graduating from school in New Hampshire in the spring, I moved on home to lil’ Rhody. I of course realized that “Urban Mermaid 603 became a bit of a lie… but I also knew that I’d be back to NH in no time!

Well guess what!! Meesh is taking a HUGE adulting step and just signed a lease!! For the next year and a half, I’ll be a 603 girl, and I couldn’t be more stoked :).

I’ve been pinning and pouring through the internet for ideas and color schemes for the apartment, and I’m starting to narrow things down!! I’m also super excited to post updates once it all starts coming together! I’m a crazy crafter, and I’m ballin a budget, so expect a lot of DIY in the future.

living room

My concept for the living room is mostly centered around a beautiful dark brown leather couch we already have! I love rustic, earthy tones – especially in a common space – and so I want to use wood accents with deep green and soft blue colors. **SoOOo New Hampshire**

bathroom / kitchen

The fixtures in the kitchen in bathroom are (1) brand spankin’ new (holla) and (2) super chic and pretty. The floors are light gray hardwood, and the cabinets are all white *squeals in delight*. Since the colors in these rooms are super simple and clean, I want to stick with the gray and white, but add in some dark navy blues.


The best part! It’s a 2 bedroom apartment, and we’ll most likely be turning the second bedroom into an office-like space. The main bedroom will be our first priority of course, but I’m thinking both rooms will have a similar theme!

I like when bedrooms are light and airy colors, just because I think it makes the space both bright and calm :). So I want the base color to be tan, and then add in the blues, greens, and white from the rest of apartment!

bonus!! balcony

Lucky us we get a cute little balcony space! Since it’s getting colder out… and the NH winter would more than likely destroy anything out there… this might have to wait till spring time!!

So there we are! Moving in while balancing a full time job will make the process a little longer, but I know the pay off will be worth it.


Stay tuned for more on apartment living tips, DIY decor, vegetarian food shopping, and all the new things I’ll be tackling in my first apartment by liking Urban Mermaid 603 on Facebook CLICK

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