how to make your depressing cubicle less depressing

Labeling a cubicle as depressing is basically a double negative. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always dreamed of one of those millennial-owned, new-age, ritzy-ass office spaces… you know, the one’s that serve beer on Fridays?? See example A below.


*Big sigh* A business chick can dream. Is this what Colorado business offices look like? I imagine everyone who works here drinks french-press coffee and owns an Australian shepherd named Buddy.

The reality for most of us in the big, bad corporate world, is something more like example B here.023.jpg

MmmmMmmm loving the red chair accent.

Cubes are a necessary and unavoidable evil, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spice them up a bit! When I started my job, one of the first things I did with my free time was completely re-organize from the previous cube-owner, and start adding little touches of my own.


The easiest and most effective way to personalize your cube space. Also probably the cheapest, too. I like to order my photos from Walgreens (about 40 cents a photo). They even have an app that makes it super easy to upload photos from your camera roll or Facebook, choose the quantity and sizes, and BOOM it’s ready in an hour.

VSCO Cam-2.jpg

Whether you frame a few or tack them to your cube wall, having a photo of your pup, or friends, or whatever makes you happy, is sure to make you smile mid-work-induced panic attack.

Remember though! Keep it appropriate! Lame, I know, but I don’t think your co-workers need to see documentation of that time you chugged from a handle of Svedka:) at least not right away, ha.

Prints n’ sh*t

If you’re into those “You got this” / “Girl boss” / “Sparkles and unicorn dust” / “live laugh love” wall prints from Target, go to freakin TOWN girlfriend.

VSCO Cam-3.jpg

Unfortunately, things with inspiration quotes on them tend to make me cringe, so the “and sh*t” part of this refers to calendars, memorable concert/sports tickets, funny comics… other things you can tack up on your cube walls that either have some meaning, or just add a little something.


Trinkets is my way of saying “cute stuff from that aisle in TJ Maxx that you try to convince yourself you don’t need, but buy anyway.” This includes things like my frenchie tape dispenser (shoutout to my roommates for that find), rose quartz rock, and Cubicle sweet cubicle plaque…. the possibilities here are endless… just like that TJ Maxx aisle.

VSCO Cam-1 2.jpg

Candy / snacks

Included in the above photo you can spot 2 bowls of mini candy bars and mints. This is a great addition to my desk in 2 very important ways.

(1) It encourages my co-workers to come up to my desk. While this would be a downside to most, part of my job is building relationships with the people I work with… plus I just like talking to people! Having some candy out at my desk gives people a reason to approach me, without awkwardly just shuffling over to say hey.

annnnd (2) I get to eat the candy : ) winnnnn – winnnnn my friends!

Also, snacks in general (granola bars, pita chips, etc) are good to keep somewhere in your desk drawer for those times you’re feeling a litttttle hangry before that 5 PM release to freedom.

Beauty samples  

Again in reference in the picture above, you can see my hand sanitizer (Bath & Body works) and tinted lip balm (Burt’s Bees) that I keep out at all times. It’s easy access for my go-to needs.

Not shown, nor seen on my desk – is a small makeup bag in my top drawer. In it are a handful of mini products and beauty supplies for easy touch ups, or just in case moments. This includes blotting papers, mini mascara, bronzer, mini eyeshadow, hairspray, tampons, and bandaids.

Some of the items came from past Ipsy bags, and some were just random products I had sitting around that I barely use, and wouldn’t miss at home. Even if I never use whats in the bag, it’s a comfort knowing its there.

SO! There we are. A few ways to make your corporate cubicle jail cell a little less scary.

And remember… the new age office with the beer on tap in the break room might be just over that horizon.


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