i watched HBO’s Girls & ranked the characters from “hate a little” to “hate a lot”

WELCOME TO 2018 FRIENDS!! May your year be blessed with non-gym related resolutions and prosperity 🙂 

After finishing Game of Thrones, blowing through True Detective, devouring Big Little Lies, obsessing over The Jinx, and re-watching Sex and the City… I found myself at the end of a very long HBO binge. I had grown tired of Netflix, and a friend of mine (shoutout Ardj) had given me her HBO account, so I jumped right in to all the shows I had been dying to see.

At the end of the little list above, I scrolled over “Girls.” I had faint memories of people saying it was “racey” and “provocative” and all that other ouuu this is interesting stuff. *play*

I watched the first season over the summer, and was like WOW Hannah is selfish and Jessa is a sexpot and Adam might be a psychopath. Then the whole moving-to-New Hampshire happened, and I didn’t get back into it until about a month ago… and I tooooooorrrrrrre through it. SEVEN SEASONS – laughter, tears, confusion, happiness – boom done.

The first thing I did when I finished???

I typed into google:

“is it normal to hate every character on the show girls”

This was the show everyone spoke so highly of, right???? I know not everyone is a fan of Lena Dunham, but I thought this show was supposed to be soo awesome?

That’s the thing though – it was awesome. Yeah, the characters are selfish and reckless and ridiculous… but I think that’s what makes the show so entertaining to watch (also brilliantly written).

And honestly, the show resonated with me so, so deeply.

In short, its about a group of girls navigating the oh-so-delicate time after college and into the adult world. Unlike most shows (or maybe what I would expect from a show like this) it’s NOT centered around romantic relationships. Yes, there’s boy problems and yes, there’s sex. BUT! I felt as though more of the challenges/dissonance came from the issues in finding careers, or “life paths” (I don’t know wtf a life path is, so take that for what you want)- which I can relate to, hard.

Still though, the characters were maddening. So I decided to rank them from watchable to UNBEARABLE. ***some teeny tiny spoilers ahead***


Image result for ray from girls

Ah, Ray. You were too good of a man for this show. As the only (and I mean only) voice of reason, he was the one to call people out on their sh*t.

His story was hard to watch sometimes, as the girls take advantage of him in different ways, and different circumstances put him on hard times. Regardless, his pure intentions and snappy one liners give a sliver of hope.

We all need a Ray to tell us when we’re being an asshole.


Image result for elijah from girls

Elijah is the gay best friend I PRAY TO GOD I will one day have.

Also enjoyable character to watch. At first he’s a bit sour, flying under your radar as Hannah’s college unfriendly ex-boyfriend who comes out as gay. He comes in permanently in Season 4, and from there he becomes more lovable and (very) hilarious. The final season is when his story develops and he really shines, and you can see how talented Andrew Rannells is as an actor.


Image result for shoshanna from girls

Good feelings on Shosh. Her insane hairstyles and bold style choices combined with her hyperactive, puppy-like personality can definitely be off-putting at first. She’s the youngest of the group; in college throughout most of the series.

However, her character development is WILD. I think Shoshanna is meant to represent that high school to college to real world naivety that we all share. She begins the clueless virgin, convinced her stint at NYU will be like every Sex and the City episode she’s watched. But through struggles in relationships, and then some serious post-grad career hiccups… she reaches a certain discovery of herself, and the end to her storyline felt rewarding to watch.


Image result for adam from girls

Adam scared the living sh*t out of me at first. Or rather, I did NOT understand his character further than he was unemployed, constantly shirtless, and into some really weird stuff. I hateeeeeedddd him and Hannah together and their constant fighting over nothing and the on-and-off was exhausting.

Then, something changes. It’s as if his relationship with Hannah and subsequent break up(s) changed him, and made him a bit more likable. Maybe because Hannah is so terrible (more to come on that), and thus you feel for him? Empathy? All the awful actions and situations he’s subjected to, and how he handles them, ultimately make him not so bad.

Granted, I think he kinda gets hotter as the seasons go on, so that might’ve skewed my opinion (ha).


Image result for jessa from girls

Jessa was a tough one to watch. Her selfishness wasn’t as obtrusive, but boyyyyy did it hurt her along the way. 

Jessa is portrayed as this sexy, enchanting, hippie-like, free spirit whose issues allllll come from being a sexy, enchanting, hippie-like, free spirit (ha). Her story is most interwoven in her male (and female?) romantic relationships, as her need for constant admiration requires keeping someone kissing her feet at all times.

I tried to like Jessa, I did (Shosh is still my fav of the girls). And yes, she kinda gets it together in the end. But does she??? Or is she just kinda accepting that hopping from guy to guy to avoid feelings/boredom is too much, and so monogamy is easier? (Need more opinions on this).

I think what bothers me the most about Jessa is that at the end, when you look back, she’s a bit of a cliche. The rest of the show is truly well written, so this daddy issues/overly sexualized person seems out of place.


Image result for marnie from girls

Marnie sucks. Even her name sucks. Marnie is the name of that crooked internet famous dog- that makes sense.

Like most of the characters, I tried to like her. I think Allision Williams (who plays her) is sooooo beautiful and talented, but that can’t change how much I can’t stand Marnie.

She spends the first 2 seasons stringing along a dead relationship with her college boyfriend, Charlie. He’s a quiet, nice dude, but she’s not into him until he’s the boss of his own company making that ca$$h. Then she’s all heart eyes, let’s get busy in your office, lalala UGH MARNIE YOU SUCK.

So many examples of her being a complete egomaniac! Soooo many. Just watch if you haven’t already, and I guarantee you will be pulling your hair out.

Her one touch of good is in the very last episodes of the series, when she volunteers to help Hannah with her situation (no spoiler on that, you’re welcome)… but even that feels like she’s doing it to be known as the “best friend.”

Boo Marnie. U stink.


Image result for hannah from girls

And now, our creme de la creme. Our protagonist, Hannah, who the show centers around, take the cake for the most intolerable.

Hannah is an aspiring writer who just doesn’t seem to get it. Her self-centeredness is ASTOUNDING, so much so that the other characters are fully aware, and point it out often.

There’s aspects of Hannah that are somewhat likable… crap actually besides her being funny sometimes, there’s really nothing. Someeeeetimes she cares about her friends? She likes Adam I guess. But 99.999999% of the time, her actions and emotions are driven by her motivations alone. 

(Oh, and you gotta kinda respect Lena Dunham for showing off her naked body so much. Most naked bodies we see in moives/tv are slim and toned, of which Lena is not. Respect for her confidence.)

Hannah is insufferable. Even when I was rooting for her, she found a way to f*ck it up, or act in a way that had me screaming at the screen. Even as the series came to close, I found that my animosity towards her unresolved. Oh well.

Still though,

Great show, and worth the watch. I know I like a series when I become invested in the characters… And I can honestly say I have never experienced investing in characters that I hated hahaha.

If you’ve watched the series, do you agree with me?? Do you agree with how I ranked? Let me know in the comments! Or shoot me a DM on Insta! *click*


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